Christmas Decorations - Personalised Christmas Baubles Decorations

Personalised Christmas decorations are a perfect little gift for Christmas to give to a friend or neighbour. Use the decoration to celebrate any special occasion that happened throughout the year, including Wedding, Christenings, Births, Engagements or Anniversaries. Also, a Christmas bauble is also a great way to keep alive the memories of someone you may have lost during the year.

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Personalised Christmas Baubles

Our Christmas baubles can be personalised with a message written on the bauble or decoration. Very popular Christmas bauble decorations that can be personalised include Glass Christmas Angel Bauble or similar but with a different design Glass Christmas Tree Bauble. These personalised gifts make great gift ideas at Christmas for friends and relatives, especially Christmas gifts for Neighbours.

Christmas Decorations

A wide range of Christmas decorations including personalised baubles and items to hang from your Christmas tree. Christmas decorations can mark a special ocassion, such as an anniversary or birth. Hang the decorations from your tree to signify the special ocassion. You can send someone a gift fro Australia, Canada or USA to someone in Ireland. 

Christmas Bauble Wedding Favours

If you are interesting in purchasing Christmas bauble wedding favours then you've come to the right place. has everything that's needed to make your Christmas wedding unique and unforgettable. We offer a lot of great wedding favours for a Christmas time wedding including bauble tree decorations, personalised heart decorations, personalised angel baubles, personalised Christmas heart candles and many other fantastic wedding favour ideas. Your guests will certainly get excited about your amazing and wonderful Christmas bauble wedding favours!

Personalised Baubles

Beautiful personalised baubles could become a perfect Christmas gift for a lady, husband, a married couple, a special teacher and even for your furry little friends. Actually, personalised baubles can be presented to everyone. offers a large choice of fine personalised baubles to hand on the Christmas tree. We have personalised baubles of different designs and styles. So, you'll find it easy to select a personalised bauble that meets your preferences in the best possible way. Our Christmas baubles can be personalised in different ways. You can add a name, a wedding date as well as a message to a bauble. By doing so, you'll be able to make your Christmas gift unique and unforgettable.

Personalised Glass Baubles

Personalised glass baubles are a great way to decorate a Christmas tree. Are you looking for personalised glass baubles? Look no further! has a wide variety of personalised glass baubles. What is incredible about our Christmas glass baubles is that they can be easily personalised. When ordering a personalised glass bauble at our site you'll have an opportunity to add a message that will be engraved or printed on the front. For some personalised glass baubles you may be asked to provide a name, couple's name or wedding date. As a result, we'll design a unique glass bauble for your needs. Choose from our popular Angel, Reindeer or Tree baubles

Cheap Personalised Christmas Baubles

For decades, baubles have been used for decorating Christmas trees. This is why personalised baubles have become one of the best Christmas gift ideas. Today, it's hard to imagine a Christmas tree without baubles, isn't it? And of course, well-designed personalised baubles could be the perfect gift for someone who is very special to you. Personalised baubles are a great choice for those who would like to impress their loved ones with creative, unique and memorable Christmas gifts. Cheap personalised Christmas baubles are worth considering if your budget doesn't allow you to buy expensive Christmas gifts. You'll be able to find a lot of cheap personalised Christmas baubles at!

Personalised Family Christmas Decorations

Christmas time is getting closer! So, it's time to start preparing Christmas gifts and decorations. Obviously, it's best to purchase Christmas decorations as well as Christmas gifts ahead of time. offers different types of personalised family Christmas decorations. Our personalised family Christmas decorations such as acrylic angel, baubles, Christmas star, dog bones, reindeers, hearts, teddy bear as well as Christmas trees would be either a good addition to your Christmas tree or a perfect Christmas gift for your friends, relatives or neighbours.

Christmas Baubles Decorations

Christmas will be here sooner than you know; so, it is never too early to start planning for the Christmas gifts you will be giving your loved ones this year. But, don't repeat the mistake and get stuck with the same old Christmas gifts once again this year. Instead, do something unique and choose from the wide range of Christmas baubles decorations on Winemax, which you can personalise according to the receiver's taste, so it always reminds them of you. Whether you want to go for the classic glass baubles or something different, we have a wide range for you to choose from.

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