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Get your brother, father, boyfriend, grandfather or even son a special gift at Christmas. Choose from our wide range of personalised and engraved gifts including personalised wine, Champagne, whiskey and other gifts for him such as personalised and engraved beer glasses. Our gifts are sent by courier all over Ireland.

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Christmas Presents for Men

Christmas presents for men including personalised wine whiskey or vodka. Personalise the label on his favourite bottle of alcohol for a great Christmas gifts idea. Some great Christmas gifts ideas for men include personalised glass beer tankards personalised pens and even personalised mugs engraved with a personalised message all men will enjoy.

Christmas Gifts - Christmas Presents

Christmas Gifts from Winemax are a great way to make sure the men in your life will remember your wonderful presents. Our Christmas gifts can be personalised with a unique message including the words Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas. A personalised beer tankard is a great Christmas gift for men who love beer, or a personalised engraved pen is a unique gifts idea for a busy business man. If the men in your life love wine why not get them a personalised bottle of red or white wine, with a funny label on it and a unique message from you to him.

Presents for Men - Christmas Present Ideas

Presents for men at Christmas include a wide range of gift ideas. Most popular at Christmas are socks and jumpers but a great and unique present for men is a bottle of personalised wine or whiskey or another personalised gift including a personalised pint glass for beer. You can also get engraved pen set as a great Christmas present for men. Men love wine, so why not get him a personalised bottle of wine with the man's face on the bottle and a personalised wine glass to go with it.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Ideas for Him

Great Christmas gift ideas for men include personalised wine and personalised whiskey bottles with possibly a photo uploaded on the label and a message on the label. Other great Christmas gift ideas for men include personalised hip flasks that you can fill with the mens favourite drink. Other great gifts ideas for Christmas include personalised pens, personalised beer glasses personalised mugs and ever personalised golf gifts. These great gifts ideas can be sent anywhere in Ireland and arrive before Christmas.

Christmas Presents for Boyfriends

Looking to get your boyfriend a nice Christmas gift then make sure you check out for some great Christmas gifts for your Boyfriend. You can get him a personalised gift such as a personalised golf ball or personalised Christmas beer glass, with his name engraved on it.

Gadgets for Men

Men love gadgets, so why not get your husband a special gadget as a great Christmas present for him. Boys also love gadgets, such as cars and watches, etc, or maybe they have too many gadgets and you are looking for an alternative gift idea.

Gifts for Him

Gift certificates or coupons should not be ruled out. Although the happiness of selecting a gift may not be there but there could be numerous reasons for giving gift certificates. Sometimes there is lack of time or one may not be very clear of what to buy. In such instances, getting a gift certificate from his favorite store may also work.

Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Get your boyfriend a magical Christmas gift he will love, such as a bottle of personalised wine or bottle of personalised whiskey. Christmas gifts for boyfriends can be hard to get, but at Winemax we make it easy, just select your gift and personalise it with your boyfriends name

gifts for boys

Christmas gifts for boys can be hard to get. That's why it may take you a lot of time to think of a Christmas present that will make a big impression. At Winemax we offer lots of funny Christmas presents for boys including Merry Christmas hip flasks, Merry Christmas cuff links, Merry Christmas star, Merry Christmas stern tankard and many other cool Christmas gifts. Above all, we give you an opportunity to personalise your Christmas present with a photo and send a message to the boy who you are going to give a gift to! By doing this, you'll be able to make an unforgettable Christmas gift for your brother, boyfriend, nephew or son.

Christmas Golf Gifts

Would you like to get a Christmas gift for someone who is addicted to golf? We have a wide range of ideas for Christmas golf gifts for this golfing maniac! Winemax has personalised Christmas golf gifts for every occasion especially Christmas! For example, you can impress golfers with unique Christmas gifts such as a personalised golf ball, golf personalised wine, personalised golf hip flask, personalised golf towel, personalised golf lighter or personalised golf mug. Without a doubt, a person who loves golf will like your Christmas present!

Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Selecting the perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend can be a very challenging task. You will want to get him something creative, impressive and unique. At Winemax we have a great selection of personalised Christmas gifts your boyfriend will love. Our personalised Christmas wine, whiskey or champagne will make a great gift you can surprise your boyfriend with this Christmas, by putting a photo of him and you on the bottle. When he opens this in front of everyone they will be mighty impressed with the unique and funny Christmas gift

Cool Christmas Gifts

Christmas means more than gifts, but we all know that choosing a good Christmas gift is also important. Some people find it easy to pick cool Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Though maybe you're struggling and not be able to come up with a good Christmas idea for someone who has everything. At Winemax we list a wide range of personalised gifts that are cool, unique and fun! Find cool Christmas presents for men, women, boyfriends, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and as well as kids. We have cool Christmas gifts for everyone and for every occasion!

Christmas Presents for Him

Wish him a Merry Christmas in a very unusual way! Put a unique and personalised message on a bottle of wine with a photo of him or a photo of you together. You can add the label to wine, whiskey, gin, vodka or champagne. If, however you are looking to get him something different we offer mugs, lighters, hip flasks, car holders, bath towels, hand towels, chocolate bars, fork and towel sets, leather wallets, round cuff links and many other great Christmas gifts for him. And what's great is that you can personalise the Christmas presents especially for him. That means that you'll be able to add his name to the Christmas gift and a personalised message. There is no doubt that your boyfriend, father or husband would be happy to get such a wonderful personalised Christmas gift from you!

Gifts for Dad

Christmas is the time for family, fun, food, and of course, lots and lots of presents. When you are shopping for Christmas gifts, one person you would often find it hard to shop for will be your dad. As you are constantly reminded, your dad is the one to give a roof over your head, food on the table, and unconditional love. You can pay off this "debt" by getting your dad some amazing Christmas gifts from Winemax. These are not just like any other Christmas gifts for dad that you come across. You can choose from a wide range of products and have them engraved and personalised to make it extra special for your old man.

Good Christmas Presents

Many people believe that the tradition of giving and receiving presents during Christmas is to remind people of the presents given by the Three Wise Men to Jesus. Whether you believe in this concept or not, you wouldn't say no to good Christmas presents, would you? You also have the responsibility to find good Christmas presents for your family members and friends to make them happy and feel appreciated as well. One place where you can find some of the best, unique and customised gift options is Winemax. From traditional gifts like tankards and cuff links to personalised wine bottle, you have infinite number of options to choose from, which you can personalise with a special message.

Presents for Dad

He is the man who wholeheartedly and actively participated in raising you. He is the additional source of the unconditional love you have been enjoying throughout your life. He is the first man you look up to. He is one of the best things that happened to you. He is your DAD. For someone who has such imminent presence in your life and ready to do anything to see you smile, don't you think you should give back at least some of that love in some form or the other?

What better way to show your love for your dad than by getting him a present he'll love? Whether it is for Christmas, Father's Day, your dad's birthday, or for any other special occasion, you will be able to find an amazing collection of presents for dad on Winemax. Choose from the different categories and add a personal message, from something as simple as "Merry Christmas" to a special message on a bottle of wine or whiskey, make it something unique and special that your dad will cherish for years to come.

Top Gifts for Men

Gifts are extremely important in any relationship. Whether it is your dad, brother, friend, partner, or a colleague, getting them something to remember, as a token of appreciation, to wish them the best of luck, or even to express your gratitude towards them, is one of the best ways to express your feelings. Also, gifts can work as an excellent alternative when you have a lot of explanations to do or things to say. Whatever may be your reason, you can find top gifts for men on Winemax. From simple and traditional gifts for the holiday season, to unique and personalised gifts suiting any occasion, you have a vast array of gifts to choose from. Choose yours today and express your thoughts to the men in your life!

Engraved Gifts for Him

Regardless of the occasion, shopping for gifts can be a daunting task. Most of the time, you will end up buying the same old things that you find in shopping centres. But, what if it is for someone very special, like your dad, husband, boyfriend, or a best friend? Getting him a watch, a pair of sunglasses, or a wallet will not be enough anymore. The gift you choose should display your love and affection towards the person, and they should also understand that you have put in some thought and effort into choosing a gift for them.

The best way to do this is by getting engraved gifts for him from Winemax. From something as simple as a pair of cuff links, paperweight, or pint glass, to a completely personalised golf kit or stainless steel flask, you can have your message engraved on anything and be confident that it is something that they will love and treasure.

Cool Christmas Presents

Looking to buy Christmas gifts for guys? If so, it's time to visit site! For many years we have helped women make cool Christmas presents to their fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and friends. Our main goal is to make it easy for every woman to come up with great Christmas gift ideas for him. At you'll be able to find a large collection of cool Christmas presents. It's worth noting that many of our Christmas gifts for him can be personalised. In other words, you can make your present unique, creative and special by adding a congratulation message to our cool Christmas presents for men. Our cool Christmas presents for men will help you make a big impression!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Oftentimes, it takes someone a long time to come up with the best Christmas ideas for him. That's the reason why it makes a lot of sense to start searching for cool Christmas present well ahead of time. is the right place to purchase Christmas gifts for him online. Our online gift shop offers different types of Christmas gifts for him. Our Christmas gift ideas for guys include: Merry Christmas cufflinks, hip flasks, pen and box, star paperweight as well as Merry Christmas tankards, tanks and pints. Without a doubt, you'll be able to buy the perfect Christmas present for him at our site!

Christmas Gifts for Him

It's important to note that cool Christmas present can help a woman to show her love to a boyfriend or husband. That's why choosing Christmas gifts for him is a very responsible and challenging task. When selecting Christmas gifts for him women have to take into account the interests of a person. On the other hand, it's important for you to buy something special and creative. Do you always experience difficulties when buying Christmas gifts for him? Don't worry! You can always consider a lot of cool Christmas gifts for men at site! Choosing to buy gifts for your husband or boyfriend at our online gift shop, usually come up Christmas gifts for him very quickly.

Gifts for Husband

Would you like to impress your husband with a wonderful Christmas gift? If so, you should definitely consider amazing gifts for husband available at site. Let's imagine that your husband likes to drink beer. In this case, we can offer many good Christmas gifts for him. Obviously, you should pay a close attention to such gifts for husband as Merry Christmas stern tankard, personalised Merry Christmas half pint tank or personalised Merry Christmas pint. We also have many other gifts for husband. So, you'll never find it hard to come up with Christmas gift ideas for you husband.

Christmas Gifts for Guys

Do you need good Christmas gifts for guys? We strive to make the process of selecting Christmas gifts for guys as easy as possible! If you come to site you'll see that we offer a lot of Christmas presents for men. That means that you are likely to find the right type of Christmas gifts for him quickly. If you choose to buy our personalised Christmas gifts for guys such as personalised Chistmas pint glass you'll have a great opportunity to add text to your present. is committed to the best possible customer experience. We always act fast and efficiently. So, after you submit an order to us we'll process it quickly. Our professionals will design a gift according to your needs and then deliver it to you within a short period of time.

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