Birthday Gift for Men - Funny Birthday Gift

Birthday Gifts for Men

Birthday Gift for Men. A bottle of personalised wine from Winemax is a great birthday gift for men. You can personalise a bottle of wine, champagne, whiskey or vodka. Upload the photo of the persons face and personalise the label with your unique message. A tryuly unique gift for men, that will make a great talking point at the party.

Personalised wine as a Birthday gift or present for men is perfect to get for the following birthday events...

18th Birthday Gift for Men
21st Birthday Gift for Men
30th Birthday Gift for Men
40th Birthday Gift for Men
50th Birthday Gift for Men
50th Birthday Gift for Men

We also offer custom designed labels, contact us at for more information.

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Birthday Present for Men

Birthday presents for men. Looking for the perfect present for your husband or boyfriend or brother then these are some great presents and gifts for him or the man in your life. Personalized wine can make your present unique, adding photos from Facebook or myspace, by using different sayings and jokes to make him laugh. He will know how much you care and think about him with this gift.

Birthday Present Gift for your Son

Birthday presents for your son. Have a laugh with your son when he sees his own face on a sophisticated bottle of wine. He may not recognise himself as a little baby perhaps by the image on the bottle. Make his friends at his 21st birthday laugh at his embarrassment. Make his wedding guests ask questions of his childhood. It will be a memory not to forget. A graduation present, a passing his driving test present,a birthday gift at any legal age, a football win celebration present, an appreciation of his achievements, a present for getting a job promotion, a get well gift. Just a simple thanks for being your loving son.

Birthday Present for Husband

Birthday Present for Husband. Choose your favourite memory or picture for your gift and use it to make a unique present and remind him of good times you have had together with a personalized bottle of wine. It will be hard for him to forget what a great gift you bought him on his birthday, a celebration of your anniversary, a congratulations on a win, an appreciation of his achievements, a present for getting job promotion, a get well gift. Just a simple thanks for being your loving husband.

30th Birthday Presents for Men

30 is a big turning point for any man and as they are coming of age you will want to get the man a special 30th birthday present. Special 30th birthday presents for men can include personalised wine or champagne with a special label wishing the man a really special 30th birthday present. By adding a message on the bottle he will know who it is from and really treasure the present for years to come. Personalised engraved glasses also make a great gift for men such as personalised engraved beer glasses or whiskey glasses. To go with a really special engraved whisey glass you could also get the man a personalised bottle of whiskey such as our personalised JD bottles.

60th Birthday Gifts for Men

Looking for a special 60th birthday gift then look no further than Winemax. We have a wide range of 60th birthday gifts to get your brother, your husband or any other man in your family. You can also get a great 60th birthday present for your male friend. You can add a photo to the Personalised wine bottle and a message to wish them a happy 60th birthday. The man who got the present for will really enjoy the gift and it will be great memento to remember the special occasion. If you're going to a 60th birthday party and you want to really impress the birthday boy and get them a gift from Winemax, your gift will be unique and extra special and everybody at the party will be very impressed. Our 60th birthday personalised wine bottles include personalised Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz or Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. You can also personalise bottles of whisky or vodka if the birthday boy like something a bit stronger. Other 60th birthday gifts for men include personalised golf balls, personalised whisky glasses and personalised hip flasks which you can add Personalised unique message to.

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Personalised wine makes the perfect Wedding, Engagement gift or Anniversary gifts. Upload a photo and add your unique personalised message.

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